Accept payments with more versatility and fast.

Yes, way. It's never too late to accept payments online. Moving at the speed of your business. Easy application every time with underwriting that's put in overdrive.

Online payment services to outfit small businesses.

Vespa BankCard delivers innovative online payment acceptance and processing for all major card brands plus popular alternative payment options in card-not-present situations. But we don’t stop there. Our robust sets of capabilities are designed to help small businesses grow revenue, mitigate risk and secure cardholder data.

Accept Payments using a Cloud-Based Terminal

Take advantage of the rapidly growing online market by accepting credit card payments on anywhere. With an easy, secure payment gateway and a merchant account, you’ll be able to send eInvoices, set up recurring billing, and store customers payment information from Vespa BankCard Gateway’s cloud-based web app. Vespa BankCard Gateway is compatible with most eCommerce platforms. Our developers will help you integrate Vespa BankCard Gateway into your existing eCommerce website or help you build a site to sell your products online.

Accept Payments that Sync with QuickBooks ®

Lightning Payments™, one of the only payment processors integrated with QuickBooks®, providing QuickBooks software users with the option to choose a more affordable payment processor and advanced payment technology that eliminates the hassle of double data entry. Save time, make money, and grow your business by taking payments natively in QuickBooks® with our custom-designed applications. Because, as a business owner, your time is worth a lot.

Recurring Paypments Reinvented

Save time and increase your cash flow with Recurring Billing and Electronic Invoicing – the all-in-one solution. ReCharge is an easy-to-use, no-cost solution that allows you to accept payments from your customers’ recurring charges. No more of those late fees and call-backs for overdue payments. With recurring billing, effortlessly set up the auto-pay feature, which allows you to create an invoice and process transactions at whichever time you choose.

Integration that’s a snap.

Easy implementation process ensures onboarding is accurate and fast, so you can get back to business. Our online payment processing systems are designed with developers in mind. We even have a Developers portal where you can learn more about our APIs and SDKs. Want to test out your application? Play in our Sandbox where you can easily certify and integrate to our eCommerce platform.

We zig, we zag, we zip.

Here at Vespa BankCard can fast-track you through the application, contract and underwriting process, plus provision your MIDs in a matter of days, not weeks.

Fraud protection

Vespa BankCard’s Fraud Toolkit helps you detect and prevent fraud at the time of payment authorization, minimizing costs, risks and reputational damage. We can also lower your operational costs with flow controls that eliminate checks on known transactions. And like all our solutions, our toolkit adapts to marketplace changes and offers fast, accurate and extensible solutions.

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